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Relax, Rejuvenate & Find Balance

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Colon Hydrotherapy

Heal your body

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Ear Candling

So many benefits like improving ear issues (Tinnitus), removes ear wax, unblock sinuses and more!

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Ion Foot Cleanse

An ion cleanse foot bath reduces pain, kickstarts energy levels and can offer relief from conditions such as allergies and insomnia.


Rhonda grew up in south Florida and moved to Central Florida in 1981. Rhonda has a degree in Business Management and managed a retail store for 17 years. In 1995 her father was diagnosed with cancer. The doctors had said his cancer was inoperable and terminal and there was nothing they could do. After learning the news, she began to search for information on any possible alternative. She was introduced to an herbalist who had survived cancer 10 years before. It was recommended to read several books; Cancer Battle Plan by Anne E. Frahm, Colon Health by Norman W. Walker, Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management by Bernard Jensen D.C., Nutritionist ,to name a few. These books opened up a whole new world. Knowing time was critical to help her Dad live, Rhonda and her mother started putting into practice what the books explained as: detoxing, juicing, bowel cleansing, and concentrated nutrition. The changes were amazing but sadly time ran out for her father, he passed away 3 months after diagnosis.

With all this new found information, Rhonda's life would never be the same again. She felt it was time to change directions and share with others the truth she had found in her research for healing based on the Laws of Nature, also known as Naturopathy.

Rhonda decided the best way to help others learn preventative measures for their health was to become a Colon Hydrotherapist. In the State of Florida you must first be a Licensed Massage Therapist by the Department of Health, Division of Medical Quality Assurance before you can go to school and be licensed for Colon Hydrotherapy. So that's what she did. She left her career of 17 years and started Massage School at Space Coast Massage Institute in Melbourne, Fl.. Rhonda graduated Massage School in February 1996 and began working with a local Chiropractor. Next she attended the International Academy of NeuroMuscular Therapies and became Certified in NeuroMuscular Therapy. In April 1997 Rhonda became a mother when her daughter Savannah Joe was born. (Joe was Rhonda's father's name.) In 1998 Rhonda attended Dotolo Institute and became a Licensed Colon Hydrotherapist. In 1999 she began her own business teaching, sharing and encouraging others to take responsibility for their own health! In 2000 Rhonda attended Shea Educational Group to study Advanced Colon Hydrotherapy. In 2001 she opened Cocoa Beach Wellness Center. In 2003 Rhonda began going through the levels of training with the International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy ( Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced Levels). And in 2005 after finishing all 3 levels with a written exam and a practical Rhonda received her teaching credentials. In 2007 she became Board Certified with the NBCHT. Rhonda has apprenticed three new Colon Hydrotherapist on the Space Coast.

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  • Licensed Massage Therapist MA22058

  • Licensed Colon Hydrotherapist MM9550

  • Certified Neuromuscular Therapist

  • Teaching Instructor certified by the International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy

  • Board Certified by the National Board for Colon Hydrotherapy

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