Dr. Jessica Schneider DCRC, D.PSc., CPC, CCT

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For Your Health Thermal Imaging, LLC opened in July 2015 by the local wellness concierge, Dr. Jessica Schneider DCRC, D.PSc., CPC, CCT. She wanted to provide the community with a safer, radiation-free option for diagnostic scans -- Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI) or thermography. “Thermography is great for identifying dysfunction and pathology,” states Dr. Schneider. Currently there are two types of thermography scans offered: breast scans and full-body scans. Both scans are pain free, fast, radiation-free and non-invasive.

The certified thermographer takes various pictures using a special ‘camera’ that captures infrared images that are then sent to a board certified medical doctors for interpretation. Thermography is useful in diagnosing a variety of conditions such as chronic pain, inflammation, chronic fatigue, lymph problems, digestive issues, thyroid, adrenal and other gland dysfunction.

Jessica has been a Doctor of Clinical Religious Counseling since 2007. She is a certified professional coach and specializes in clinical nutrition and wellness coaching. She is also a member of the Pastoral Medical Association and she is the founder of Dream Makers nonprofit organization.     

It is her intention, purpose and passion to bring awareness and education to people about their emotional, spiritual and physical well-being. She believes total health and wellness starts from the inside out.

Services: Meditherm Digital Infared Thermal Imaging, Offering wellness coaching specializing in clinical nutrition


For Your Health Thermal Imaging, LLC offers:

  • Breast scan including baseline follow up in 90 days for $300
  • Full body breasts included $400

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